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Call for contributions to a Special Issue on: Sexuality in Arab-Islamic Cultures: Past and Present

Culture and religion are powerful forces in the rulings of human sexual behaviour and Arab-Islamic cultures do not form an exception to that rule. Islam has developed its own rulings and values of sexually acceptable behaviour, but one has to realize that Islam exists in many shapes and that it is possible to find sexual rulings that vary from very strict to very open. On top of that, it is hard to discuss sexuality in Islam without looking at cultural influences, sometimes dating from the pre-Islamic period in this same domain. The debate on sexual diversity and the position of LGBTQ+ persons in the Arab-Islamic world affects participants of different origins and convictions, and does not only take place in the Arab-Islamic world, but also in Arab and Muslim communities outside the Arab-Islamic world, in the West in particular. The editors of the Special Issue invite academics and researchers to submit contributions, in which they treat a subject that fits the theme and are either based on developments in the past or the present, provided that both types of contributions are written in the light of the present debate on sexuality in Arab-Islamic cultures. Click here for more information

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