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14/09 For the platform 'Yabiladi', Julie Chaudier asked me a couple of questions. Yabiladi French
01/08 Gert Jan Geling interviewed me about the religious experience of muslims in the Netherlands. Dutch
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15/03 Enis Odaci interviewed me for Nieuwwij about the media-environment in the Netherlands. Nieuwwij Dutch
18/01 Ewout Klei from news site Jalta interviewed me about the PVV and what were to happen if Geert Wilders were to be elected as Prime-minister. Jalta Dutch
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5/09 Ewout Klei from news site Jalta interviewed me about my role in the public debate concerning Islam. Jalta Dutch
21/08 I was interviewed by Al Jazeera about the uprising of extreme-right in Europe and what this means for refugees and the future of democracy. Al Jazeera Arabic
9/06 Jan Roos from GeenStijl interviewed me for the program 'Gesprek op Niveau' about Islam. GeenStijl Dutch
1/05 I was interviewed by the Arabic language based magazine 'Al Jadeed' about varying subjects. One of which is the relation between Islam and Muslims both in the West as well as elsewhere. Al Jadeed Arabic
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15/11 I was a guest at Van Liempt Live after the attacks in Paris two days earlier. I spoke about the radicalization of Muslim youth and how to battle it. Van Liempt Live Dutch
7/10 Margreet Reijntjes interviewed me in the TV-show 'Twee Dingen' of Omroep Max. I spoke not only about the danger of Jihadism, but also about the beauty of the Arabic language. Omroep Max Dutch
20/03 For the New Israelic Weekly (Nieuw Israelitisch Weekblad) I was interviewed by Ted de Hoog. The theme that was prominent in our conversation was Islamic anti-Semitism. New Israelic Weekly - Nieuw Israelitisch Weekblad Dutch
18/01 For the radioshow 'The Art of Listening' of the Jewish broadcast I was interviewed by Paul Damen and Alfred Edelstein. We spoke about the relationship between Islam and Judaism then and now. The Art of Listening Dutch
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15/11 For the radioshow NTR Lijn 1 I was interviewed by Barbara van der Klis about my pamphlet 'The Speck in Your Brother's Eye'. In this pamphlet I analyze the thoughts and ideas of the PVV in the case of Islam. NTR Lijn 1 Dutch
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